School icons

January 2011

i innovate

I create from scratch

Whitelens Productions profile booklet

July 2019

Template pagelayout spread pages

November 2013

VerbStore ® illustrations project

June 2020

Otto Cafe

May 2019

Save The Children ® Illustrations Book

Nov 2019

DietSecret ® Restaurant

January 2018

Makki Magazine illustrations

July 2008

I did these doodles and there is five different artworks, and Flash animated with colors.

January 2013

Makki character vector enhancing

Oct 2007

I enhanced this character in vector based illustration to be unlimited in dimensions for print and digital purposes.
Azzam's Friend Campaign

Event campaign for cancer kids in Scitech building. I designed characters, logo, theme, banners, rollups, theater presentation, stickers, and some video loops in about two days.

December 2016


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