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Whitelens profile booklet

Artwork Type

Illustration, Graphic Design

Client / For

Whitelens Production


Jun 30, 2019

The filmmaker, and founder of Whitelens Productions, Aiyed, called me while I am on summer vacation to make a company profile for him, design and illustrations, he is my friend, I asked him to gather all the needed texts, and revise it from the start to the last copyright texts, because when I work on editorial projects, with too many texts, using Adobe Indesign or any desktop publishing software, I like to make the design is the last work before print.

Aiyed is a professional person, and he understood what a professional feels like, he emailed me the documents, and texts only, and I started to create his printable booklet, with vector-based illustrations that express the mood and the filmmaking works.

I did those illustrations using only Apple Magic Mouse 2, with my 15in Apple MacBook Pro, in coffee shops, because I was on vacation, away from my studio.

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