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Sumer Collection

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Academy of Art University


Oct 21, 2022

Classwork for Licensing Art and Surface Design course, my project is based on ancient Sumer, I chose this subject after a little brain-storming looking for anything to make illustrations and pattern designs that match the concept when I decided to choose from the history, the Sumer brought to my head like why not that ignored culture, the Sumerian, after they have done a significant effect on humanity, we should keep them in many revisions, I believe that is important to study this culture and explore their secrets, we can fix too many present issues.

By the way, I was limited to only four patterns and two main illustrations to find the suitable style for your collection, and then I recreated the gods from sculptured archeology and gave them life in colored illustration with attempted gestures, not so pushed pose, but something between the archeology and an illustration style works well with surface design, maybe on fabrics.

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