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Alien Agency

Artwork Type

Illustration, Mural

Client / For

Alien Agency Studio


Nov 30, 2019

Acrylic mural painting for Alien Agency graphic design studio, I had the creative freedom to create this idea, based on the Agency's brand name and philosophy, which is acting like an aliens came to people's planet to solve their problems in certain objectives, commercial graphic design.
I made sketches on my Moleskin sketchbook, and focused on humanize the aliens to looks like acting, not extremely imaginative creepy aliens, we aim cool here, we wanted something feels like a music video, not a sci-fi movie.
After I find the right atmosphere, I started painting using artist-grade heavy-body acrylics, from Liquitex, mixed with liquid mediums to soften it, and some professional-grade synthetic brushes from various brands.
I used B2 pencil to make light drawing lines on the matte wall, it was painted in matte acrylics, on concrete, which is good as surface for painting by brushes, and then applied the paint.

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