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Alan Kurdi

Artwork Type

Editorial Illustration, Illustration

Client / For

Academy of Art University


Oct 28, 2022

Classwork for Editorial Illustration course by Professor. Jorge Mascarenhas, about refugee subject.

Description of the Assignment:
People may choose to immigrate for a variety of reasons, such as employment opportunities, to escape violent conflict, educational opportunities, or reunite with family.
There are challenges facing immigrants.

I chose the case of Alan Kurdi, that photograph of his little dead body on the beach, because it is telling a lot, it is a big resault and a clear report of what we are, and what our politics are.

I redraw him in dramatic look, calm as the ocean, everything is still, even those birds crossing the boarderline freely, they are far away to notic thier motion, and that huge military ship is too big to notice that little boy, or those little birds. Those buoys were talking to Alan, they were his last imaginary friends.

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